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International trade is critical to the viability and success of national economies. It increases the availability and choice of goods and services to consumers and helps improve the standard and quality of life. It also shapes public perception of the competitiveness of a nation (in terms of its companies) in the global economy. This website provides Export and Import Trade Resources intended to inform and guide your exporting and importing needs.

International trade can have a significant positive effect on economic growth and development.

Britain’s trade with its neighbors and colonies played an important part in fueling new industrial activity and spreading prosperity to other countries. Japan’s rapid industrialization would be unthinkable without the importation of capital goods, food and other raw materials from the West and other nations in exchange for exports of labor-intensive consumer products. Similarly, international trade played a decisive role in the industrial development of North America, and Australia in the 19th century as well as the East Asian economies in the second half of the 20th century. The accelerating growth of the Chinese economy is also largely attributed to its expanding exports.

International trade is one of the few areas of business that provides individuals and firms with unlimited opportunities for growth and prosperity. Rapid economic growth in many developing countries has led to increased consumption of goods and services as many people join the middle class and this provides enormous opportunities for export and import companies. Trade liberalization at the regional and international level has created a global environment conducive to the growth and expansion of international trade. The physical integration of markets is also greatly facilitated by new technologies such as computers, telecommunications and other media.

Export & Import Trade Risks

Export-import trade has certain risks as firms encounter new factors such as exchange rates, new modes of transportation, legal and financial issues. This website is intended to help individuals and companies navigate the unique challenges of export-import trade. It covers a host of issues pertaining to exports and imports that are frequently updated to include new developments in the area.

This website is intended to be informative and educational and in no way intended to provide specific business or legal advice.