Suited for EIT?

Are you suited for export-import business (EIB)

EIB is no longer limited to the big multinational firms. Small and medium-sized businesses are increasing their share of exports and imports and already account for over a third of all exports and imports in many countries. International trade enables firms to acquire resources that are not available at home. They also learn about advanced techniques used abroad.

EIT provides unlimited opportunities for growth and profit. This requires individuals who are open-minded, creative and able to adapt to changing circumstances. The following table provides an approximate measure of your potential for success in this dynamic area.



Personal background and characteristics







1 Would you characterize yourself as a risk taker?
2 Are you a highly motivated person?
3 Are you independent minded and enjoy taking initiative?
4 Are you hard working? (able to work 13-15 hours a day?)
5 Do you consider yourself to be an organized person?
6 Are you disciplined and able to complete tasks?
7 Are you a good decision maker?
8 Are you creative/ think of new ideas or take advantage of new opportunities?
9 Are you independent-minded (not conformist) ?
10 Are you pragmatic/focus on solid plans of action?
11 Do you have confidence in your ability, judgment?
12 Are you a good communicator?
13 Can you manage your finances?
14 Do you have enough financial resources to launch your business?
15 Do you believe in integrity in your dealings with others?
16 Are you resilient in spite of the odds?
17 Are you friendly and adaptable to different situations?
18 Do you enjoy working with people from different backgrounds?
19 Are you willing to learn different languages, cultures?
20 Do you have a good support network (spouse, relatives, friends)





Tabulate your score

34-40—————————You have what it takes to succeed in EIB

28-33—————————You need some help in managing your EIB. It may require working on some of your weaknesses.

Less than 27—————–You need more help/encouragement in managing your EIB. This does not mean that you cannot fulfill your dreams. However, you need more work. This may entail taking classes, working in similar businesses to acquire the crucial skills and experience.